Tonya Pitts

Tonya Pitts
Wine Director & Sommelier

Ms. Pitts has been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years and a Wine Director/Sommelier for well over 20 years. Ms. Pitts’s food and beverage experience has been in San Francisco - the Bay Area and Saint Louis, MO.

She has worked with high profile notable chef’s, the late Chef Judy Rodgers of Zuni Cafe, Chef Jeremiah Tower of Stars Restaurant, Chef Loretta Keller of Stars Café, Bizou Restaurant and other notable houses in the Bay Area.

She is currently working with Chef Mark Dommen of One Market Restaurant. Ms. Pitts has been the Wine Director and Sommelier for thirteen years. In addition to her post, Ms. Pitts has dedicated her career to Philanthropy, Mentorship and amplifying the voice of those that are not heard.

Ms. Pitts has been featured in numerous industry publications. She is a Certified Sommelier and continues to educate herself through the Court of Master Sommeliers and Wine Spirit Trust.